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Biotta Pomegranate

Biotta Pomegranate


Aphrodite’s little secret



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Biotta Pomegranate

The love apple – Aphrodite’s little secret back in ancient times
100% all-natural, tasty and vitalizing, the pomegranate supports healthy, high quality nutrition. It has been treasured for centuries.



Biotta stands for 100% naturally pure

  1.   direct juices (no reconstituted fruit juice or vegetable juice concentrates)

  2.   no added sugar or sweeteners (natural vegetable and fruit sugars only)

  3.   no flavourings or colourings

  4.   no added vitamins or minerals

  5.   no artificial preservatives, stabilizers or emulsifiers



These red fruits were cultivated even back in ancient times, and were regarded as symbols of beauty and fertility.

Our partner in Turkey is an expert in his field, and knows everything there is to know about growing pomegranates organically, and how to harvest the premium quality fruit as gently as possible. The primary focus here is on sustainable farming methods and treating nature with respect. Independent inspections are conducted to ensure strict organic guidelines are met, and confirm the outstanding quality of Biotta pomegranates.

Only in this manner can we ensure that the natural juice we produce unites taste and sustainability in equal measure.



Impressed by the outstanding taste and excellent quality of the juice, the DLG (German Agriculture Association) awarded Biotta Pomegranate a bronze medal.



From Greek mythology, we know that pomegranates contain a wealth of potential health benefits. For example, they’re rich in antioxidants, which are essential for cell function and maintenance. With the new Biotta Pomegranate, beauty comes from within.



Organic pomegranate juice, organic aronia juice, organic pear purée, organic agave syrup, enhanced with organic white tea extract.



Juice of 344g organic pomegranate

Volume: 500 ml
Product of Switzerland

Nutritional value per 100 ml:

Calories: 190 kJ (44 kcal)

Protein: 0 g

Carbohydrates: 11 g

 of which sugar: 10 g  *natural sugar content

Fat: 0 g

Saturated fatty acids: 0 g

Dietary fiber: 0 g

Sodium: < 0.01 g


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