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Biotta Wild Bilberry

Biotta Wild Bilberry


Small berries – big taste, more intense flavour


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Biotta Wild Bilberry 

Short in growth, but long in taste: wild-grown bilberries

Wild bilberries have a more intensive aroma than cultivated blueberries, which is pure nature.

Their excellent taste is rounded off with soft lemon balm that gives the juice its ideal freshness.



Biotta stands for 100% naturally pure

  1.   direct juices (no reconstituted fruit juice or vegetable juice concentrates)

  2.   no added sugar or sweeteners (natural vegetable and fruit sugars only)

  3.   no flavourings or colourings

  4.   no added vitamins or minerals

  5.   no artificial preservatives, stabilizers or emulsifiers



If you want to grow wild bilberries, you’ll need plenty of time and patience. In comparison to conventionally-cultivated bilberries, it takes several years before these plants develop sufficiently in the wild and you can start to harvest the berries from them.



But there are more differences between wild bilberries and the cultivated varieties you can buy in your local supermarket. Wild bilberries are smaller, have a more intense flavour, and need to be processed faster after harvesting. As a result, one has to handle these sensitive berries very gently when processing them to make juice.



Our natural Biotta juice is produced from organic wild bilberries, with no artificial additives. This ensures the intense aroma of the berries is preserved. The hard work pays off, however - and the reward is a particularly delectable juice for young and old alike. For centuries the bilberry has been a well-loved and precious fruit of the forest of Eastern Europe and has been shown to have notable properties.



Bilberry is a natural supporter of digestive function.

  1. contains flavonoids and anthocyanin, which help support blood vessels.

  2. Anthocyanin, a natural antioxidant, supports blood function and helps support collagen structures in the blood vessels of the eyes.

  3. provides antioxidant protection with the vitamin C helps in forming collagen, important in maintaining healthy cells and blood

  4. support vision

  5. helps promote digestion

  6. supports the immune system



Ingredients: Organic wild bilberries, organic lemon balm tea extract and organic agave syrupwald-heidelbeere

Juice of 342g organic berries

Volume: 500 ml

Product of Switzerland 

Nutritional Value per 100 ml 

Calories  65 cal 

Protein 0.2 g 

Fat  < 0.1 g

Saturated Fatty Acids 0 g 

Carbohydrates 16.0 g 

of which *natural sugar content 14.0 g 

Dietary Fiber 0.6 g 

Sodium 10 mg



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