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Pharmos Natur 100% Pure Organic ...

Pharmos Natur 100% Pure Organic ...


~ No preservatives, No Citrus Acid, Gluten Free


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Pharmos Natur ~ Organic Aloe Vera Juice


No preservatives,

No Citrus Acid,

Gluten Free



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Our special aloe vera - from Ecuador and Yucatan - is blessed with an incredible treasure of active ingredients. It is the basis of our cosmetics. Due to its special viscosity, with a unique repair complex, the gel of the Aloe Vera completely penetrates the skin and takes with it all the active ingredients of the precious healing and rejuvenation plants. This effect can be seen and felt on the skin.




On a fertile, healthy soil our aloe vera plants thrive in mixed culture. Evenly warm, humid climate and the special energy of this region make it possible to develop a gel of special viscosity in the course of the growth period, in which rich active substances are stored.


Completely without chemicals, small farmers cherish and care the plants with great care and love. Our cultivation areas are bio certified.

The precious gel is carefully removed from the leaves. PHARMOS NATUR ensures that no leaf bark is used. The subsequent processing of the pure Aloe Vera plant gel takes place with the finest technology in Germany, according to the specially developed PHARMOS NATUR method.


The production of 1 liter of our Aloe Vera Bio Juice costs as much as 5,000 liters of water.



This 100% pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice is made from hand-peeled organic Aloe Vera fresh plant leaves, grown in an organic mixed culture in the humid tropical climate of Mexico. It is gently processed in Germany according to the Original Pharmos Aloe Vera Method, without the addition of water, preservatives, citric acid, chemicals or other additives. 

It is a very special juice of the highest quality because it is made whole.



This means: It contains a complex network of over 100 natural ingredients.

These also include potassium and sodium in the correct ratio to each other.The right balance, just as it is also present in the interior of our cells.


But above all, include the vital glyconutrients it. They dress the "antennae of our cells", provide an active and optimal cell communication and thus for beautiful and healthy skin and support the immune system is to find his balance.


In addition, the complex building blocks of life can an extension of 35-40% of the already narrowed capillary effect (fine blood vessels) and improve their supply of nutrients.


Other biological components such as vitamins, minerals trace elements, essential amino acids, enzymes, muscpolysaccharids which are important elements for both beautiful and healthy skin and healthy mucous membranes, activates the body’s immune system and thus naturally helps to sustain its health and vitality.

Aloe Vera is also known to promote the rates of healing, reduce symptoms of inflammation and possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.




Healthy Mucous Membranes. Beautiful skin. More Vitality.

It supports externally a beautiful, healthy skin and reinforces the mucous membranes. Mucous membranes are the protective skin for the internal organs. This protective skin to entertain inside and out and maintain, providing them with healthy and balanced nutrients, which is an important task. Observational studies that have been carried out for many years in German hospitals with Organic Aloe Vera that are impressive.



For Your Health

  1. Strengthens, protects and supports the regeneration power of the inner skin. The inner skin is the protective mucous membrane. It has an important protective function for all inner organs.

  2. Healthy mucous membranes guarantee a stable immune system, and a good immune system regulates the moisture levels and ensures well-being in the whole body.

  3. Takes up excessive heat from the body while moisturizing it. 




For Your Beauty

  1. The cells are moisturized and supplied with important nutrients.

  2. The elasticity of the fine blood vessels is improved and their permeability to nutrients increased.

  3. A special treat for dry skin, itching skin, problematic skin and couperose.

  4. The energy level of the skin is increased.





Sip 25 ml slowly in the morning and in the evening before bedtime, making sure you moisten the mucosa of the mouth as well.

Repeat several times per day as needed.




100% pure organic, naturally cloudy Aloe fresh plant juice

Refrigerate after opening 


Volume: 750 ml

Product of Germany


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